Give the Gift of “Enough and Some to Share” this Holiday Season!


At the Garden Church Gathering each week we sing before our meal, “there is enough, there is enough, there is enough, enough and some to share” and then we go on to share a meal with dozens of our neighbors, some housed, some un-housed, people from all different backgrounds and walks of life eating side-by-side and being transformed while getting to know one another.

As you think about gift-giving this Christmas, instead of giving one more thing to friends and family who have everything they need, consider donating to the Garden Church and helping there to continue to be “enough, enough and some to share.”

Donate here and indicate that it is a gift for someone in the Notes field. We’ll then email you a printable gift card and you can know you’re giving a gift that will keep on sharing!

Also note that all your gifts are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt at the end of the year.