Cultivation Team

Cultivation Team: The physical ground of the Garden Church may be rooted in one particular community, but the opportunity to be part of cultivating this community stretches out across the miles. We’re inviting anyone who feels led and believes in the work of re-imagining church and creating community around the earth and feeding people to be part of our community. We are committed the broader work of re-imagining church and community in the world and from that commitment we are devoted to sharing what is learned and experienced at the Garden Church with the broader network.

We invite you, as an individual or as a church to join the Cultivation Team and be a part of this growing effort through three mutual commitments: Prayer, Pledging, Participation

Prayer: Believing in the power of Divine Energy and Movement, we welcome your prayers and meditations for this work. In the commitment to relational reciprocity, the leadership and community of the Garden Church will pray regularly for our Cultivation Team.

Pledging: The Cultivation Team plays a crucial role in funding the first three years of this project as we establish a community and infrastructure. We have the technology in place for you to give a monthly pledge, a onetime large donation, or commit as a church community to a yearly amount for the first three years. All donations are deductible and our financials will be available to any partners who would like to see them.

Participation: There are many ways to participate in this endeavor, whether you can come by and plant some seeds and join us in worship, or if you can share a Garden Church update on your Facebook page. The Garden Church will send out regular online Newsletters, keep you current on the news through Social Media and the website, and be ready to welcome visitors to the Garden. We encourage our Cultivation Team to get creative in the ways they participate, from sharing the visions and stories from the Garden Church, to hosting fundraisers in your church community, to contributing your particular knowledge or talent to the project.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Garden Church Cultivation Team! Your gift of seed money is integral to planting and growing in our start-up season. 

We are currently working to secure pledges, grants, and donations to fund the first three years of the Garden Church startup. In the startup season we are inviting individuals and groups to join our Cultivation Team and contribute to this work and be the fertilizer and nutrients to provide fertile ground for this church to grow from. As the project develops, the sources of income will shift from the Cultivation Team to contributions from the worshiping body, donations and grants from the local community, and sources of income through creative products, programs, and fundraising.

Be a part of supporting The Garden Church! Give what amount is right for you, monthly for the next year, and be an essential part of the team that is re-imagining church and bringing more heaven here on earth.

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Checks can be mailed to:
The Garden Church
P.O. Box 5257, San Pedro, CA 90733

All gifts can be made to The Garden Church and are tax-deductible through the Pacific Coast Association of the Swedenborgian Church