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Making Church Together

We love that everyone who walks through the gates is part of making church together, from the planting and watering, to singing, serving communion, scripture reading, offering food, and so on. We’re dedicated to engaging everyone. We also need some trellis work, some people who we can plan ahead and know that we will have someone to help set up, or bring a main dish, or lead us in work and music. We know everyone has busy lives and schedules and most of us can’t be there every week. And we want this to be a community that you are always welcome to pop in to and be part of when you choose.

So we’ve created a very bare bones list of the roles that we need to have scheduled out beforehand, and have calendared them out for the next few months so that you can pop your name down where it works for you.  We love that we have such a broad and ever growing pool of people that are part of growing the Garden Church. Thank you for being a piece in the framework for us to grow together!

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