Enlightened Art Workshop #2 9/13/2015


About “Enlightened Art” 

Enlightened Art is an eight-week, multi-generational series in collaboration with the Garden Church San Pedro- dedicated to continuing to enrich and engage the community through communal art, nature, gardening, and spiritual connectivity via shared space. As part of the weekly Garden Church gathering, creative workshops in meditational drawing will be led by local artists Ebony Perry and Stephanie Ramirez. Workshops will take place every Sunday from 3-4pm during the months of September and October. Through this art series, our hope is to inspire all who come through the Garden’s gates, and give them the opportunity to experience the power of creativity in making the world a better place. The series of pieces created in these workshops will culminate with the unveiling of a community art piece and fall celebration.

Workshop times: 3-4pm
Dates: Every Sunday September-October, 2015
All are welcome • Free



“Yin and Yang”

In workshop#1, we played with white paper, bright watercolor pigments for background, and dark inks to do our meditational drawing and create our first batch of “Enlightened Art” leaves. But, what happens when you do the reverse?

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (also, yin yang) describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world; how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. 

YANG:  The masculine active principle in nature that in Chinese cosmology is exhibited in light, heat, or dryness and that combines with yin to produce all that comes to be.

YIN: the feminine passive principle in nature that in Chinese cosmology is exhibited in darkness, cold, or wetness and that combines with yang to produce all that comes to be

In the last workshop, you can see how we played with the idea of yang. Now we will be exploring and familiarizing ourselves with the yin.

In this workshop we will be playing with adding bright colored gel inks, white colored pencils, and metallic pigments to our black paper leaves. 

Through this drawing session, we will be meditating on how to continue adding light to the darkness in our lives- so that we may continue to have balance and harmony within. It is all about encouraging positive perception, in order to continue to find strength, will, and light.

What to expect: A relaxing and no pressure afternoon. 

Supplies: All supplies are included! -Drawing can easily provide access to a mindful state of meditation. 

-Playful experimentation with drawing Freedom and ease. Drawing, without worrying about making a “perfect” piece of artwork.

 -Encourages creativity, which allows the mind to think outside the box. 

-It is about being in the moment, enjoying the moment, thinking positively, and the bonus is your art, is a meaningful component of a greater piece. 

A bit about Meditative art:

-Using repetitive, basic patterns to help in reducing stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation and focusing of the mind. It is like yoga for the brain! 

-Our intent for this workshop is to open people up to joy, fun, and flow. We aim to experience these qualities in drawing, artistic expression, and in meditation. No artistic experience is necessary.

In this short workshop we’ll practice a traditional academic drawing exercise for a non-traditional purpose – easy access to your mind flowing without attachment. By creating simple parameters within the drawing exercise that anyone, age 8 to 100, can accomplish, you’ll easily follow a path into this moving form of mantra or concentration. 

Steps to drawing and meditating on your leaf:

  1. Think of a positive word, intention, or even on a particular thing you enjoy about your peaceful surroundings- and focus. This will be your guiding mantra during the creative session.
  2. Select a “yin” leaf that speaks to you
  3. Begin drawing and have fun!

Once your leaf and meditation is complete, write your name on it and place it in the paper bag.

Your leaf will go on to be part of a community art project that we will unveil at the fall celebration and culmination for the “Enlightened Art” workshop. 

A few fun ideas and inspirations to get you started: